Plexitis is caused by osteochondrisis (degenerative disease of the vertebra with formatting of bone exostoses) and cervical disc hernia. Rare local reasons are cervical rib, tumours, weapon wounds and other injuries, stretching of the nerve plexus in newborn, luxatio (dislocation) of the humeral joint , apical lung cancer. In clinical picture the most typical is pain, more often unilateral. This pain is typical for neuralgia of the shoulder plexus, and it is not accompanied by lost of sensitivity and movement function. The onset of pain is abrupt and it located in the humeral joint, shoulder blade and lower cervical vertebra, and it is spread along the hand fingers (so called hand-shoulder syndrome). The head usually is fixed in compulsory posture. On hand or head movement, whish stretches the nerve roots the pain is worsening. It appears with pressure at the points around the spine and supraclavicular axillae.

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